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This institute was set up on 29th August 1992, while the preparation office for the junior college was set up concurrently.


The number of full-time staff for this preparation office at the initial stage is 20 (including the director of the preparation office, researchers, human resource staff, and administrative staff).There are eight part-time members of staff.When the office was authorized and established as a school and recruit students on 1st July 1995, the number of full-time staff was increased to 50, with 20 part-time members of staff.On 1st July 1996, it was, based on a special project, which was authorized to increase in number to 21 school staffs with its development of school business up to today.In total,the number of school staff for the school organization amounts to 188,(142 teachers,46 staffs,while technicians,janitors,and security guards are calculated in addition).


Since the establishment of the school, it has been managed by the previous Director Huang Chin-fong,Director Dai Shao-chang,Director Chan Chau-wei,Director Cheng Su-jen,Director Chang Dai-lin,Director Tien-Huo Yang,Director Li-Na Shu and incumbent Director Mei-Yu Chen.